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Acoustic Louvres for Murray Goulburn - Devondale


Recently, Murray Goulburn - Devondale found a need for noise control in their processing plant but found many acoustic screening solutions restricted airflow and ventilation. The agricultural co-operative needed something that suited their ventilation and noise needs but also presented aesthetically attractive. After researching, they found Flexshield's Acoustic Louvres were just what they needed.

Flexshields Acoustic Louvres for Murray Goulburn


Flexshield's Acoustic Louvres (Sonic Louvres) are the ideal solution when aesthetics are just as important as noise reduction and/or ventilation.

Completed Acoustic Louvres


Sonic Louvres are fabricated in a wide range of materials and finishes. They are tailor-made to suit all size, acoustic and airflow requirements. Flexshield's Acoustic Louvres can be supplied as modular acoustic walls, or can be fabricated in to acoustic Louvre gates or doors.

Installing Acoustic Louvres


Installing Acoustic Louvres


Acoustic Louvres can be used in a multitude of applications including:

  • Acoustic enclosures for air-con intake
  • Acoustic enclosures for generators
  • Complete stand-alone acoustic plant rooms
  • Central ventilation systems
  • Workshop ventilation
  • Cooling towers
  • Wall grilles
  • Acoustic ventilation screens

Completed Acoustic Louvres

Finally here is an interesting and informative resource detailing the 3 most common workplace noise mistakes and, far more importantly, how to overcome them.

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