Acoustic Doors Help Keep the Noise Out or In

If you need to keep noise out of an area, or keep it contained, acoustic doors are a necessity. As well as being extremely effective sound dampeners, they permit easy access to and from the space where the noise is being generated, and have become very popular in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments -- from factories and industrial plant rooms all the way to nightclubs and recording studios.

Why are they needed?

In a world where man-made noise pollution has become a major issue, acoustic doors have been proven to aid both safety and productivity. For example, they can dampen machine noise that might drown out the sound of a fire alarm. In addition, they protect workers from a range of noise-related health issues, including stress, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Sound barriers are also required by laws which set out maximum allowed noise levels, ensuring both workers and the general public are protected. These limits can be found in the Environment Protection Act 1997, and the accompanying Environment Protection Regulation 2005. For companies where noise pollution is a major issue, compliance can be a serious investment, but this does not mean that high-quality noise control cannot be cost-effective as well.

Customised soundproofing doors

Flexshield has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality, fully customised soundproof doors for years, along with a number of other noise dampening solutions, including acoustic curtains and doors.

Constructed from dense, strong metal sheets, mounted in rigid frames, and featuring fully welded hinges and high-quality seals, Flexshield’s doors offer unrivalled strength and durability for years, as well as minimal sound leakage. This is a problem often occurring with doors that are poorly fabricated or fitted.

More often than not, the look of the door is also important. For this reason, they are made to blend well into the surroundings, and are available in a wide range of colours. They can also be customised according to the chosen application, with the addition of items such as panic bars, peep-holes and locks.

With a track record of innovation that takes advantage of the very latest standards and technologies, Flexshield has also been able to address market needs as they arise. One example is “SonicFix,” currently the only sound-controlling door on the market that is 100% ready to install out of the box. Saving time and cost, it is a favourite of both builders and architects.

Noise reducing curtains are another popular Flexshield product. Bringing sound blocking and noise absorption together in one flexible panel, they be quickly set up, removed and packed away as needed. This makes them an ideal solution where temporary soundproofing is required, such as on building sites and during road work projects. As well as reducing noise, they also prevent the spread of fumes and dust.

In addition to sound dampening doors and curtains, Flexshield also manufactures a range of welding booths, alternatively known as welding bays. Popular in TAFE and TTS training environments, they are also used frequently throughout industry, where they are extremely effective at dampening intense noise that can damage hearing and cause other health problems. Like its range of acoustic doors, the booths are custom-made to exact size and environment requirements. They are available in kit form, or can be installed on site by Flexshield.

Finally here is an interesting and informative resource detailing the 3 most common workplace noise mistakes and, far more importantly, how to overcome them.

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