Acoustic Welding Bays for Baltimore Air Coil

Baltimore Air Coil is a large worldwide manufacturing company producing evaporative heat transfer and ice thermal storage products. Baltimore Air Coil Australia recently required some new Welding Bays in their workshop, and contacted Flexshield to assist.

Acoustic Welding Bays


Flexshield tailor designed, manufactured and installed three Acoustic Welding Bays to solve Baltimore Air Coil’s welding challenges.

Baltimore Air Coil was very pleased with the results of the Acoustic Welding Bays. Bruce Clark, the Plant Manager, stated that they provided a number of unique benefits for the company.

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Acoustic Welding Bays


“Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on the Flexshield products.

Firstly, installation was a breeze. The Flexshield installation team came in, followed all onsite safety contractor requirements to the letter and quickly & professionally installed the three bays without incident.

We have had the screens and wall systems installed for several months now and have had no issues with the performance of the screens. In fact the Curtain screens have provided a number of unique benefits for us:

  1. Weld bay access is unrestricted from all sides and areas,
  2. Curtain damage is minimized as parts cannot lean against the wall and housekeeping has naturally improved as a result.
  3. The clear access at the bottom of the curtain and the curtain strips have improved air flow through the weld bays improving employee comfort especially on the hotter days.
  4. The multi coloured strips indicating ingress points has improved safety for employees entering and leaving the bays.
  5. The improved visibility into the bays has also improved productivity and employee safety as supervisors can see into bays at all times.
  6. The hinged gate areas provided us with full clear forklift access when required.

A great investment, and would readily recommend Flexshield to other manufacturers.”

Bruce Clark, Plant Manager, Baltimore Air Coil.

Acoustic Welding Bays

Many manufacturing and fabrication companies have a daily challenge of how to ensure that their staff are safe while welding. The risks of welding are many and varied, including welding flash and noise induced hearing loss, and Flexshield's Acoustic Welding Bays use both our ingenious Weldflex Curtains and Sonic System Panel to reduce these risks and create a safe welding environment.

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