Contamination Control Screen for Prolife Foods

Prolife Foods, a New Zealand food company operating throughout the whole of Australasia, recently contacted Flexshield to assist with a solution to their contamination control needs.

Flexshield tailor designed and manufactured an adjustable SonicClear Contamination Control Screen for Prolife Foods. This screen (which had been tested against a wide range of common chemicals and corrosive agents) was a concertina, made of clear, heavy duty extruded PVC material.

The Contamination Control Screen provided numerous benefits for Prolife Foods, and effectively reduced the risk of contamination in their production area. It provided a physical barrier to airborne contaminants (dust, splash, flying insects, chemicals etc.) allowing Prolife to create and maintain an effective cleanroom.

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Flexshield's Contamination Control Screens are ideal for any company dealing with food, whether it be production, packing, storing, transporting or anything in between. Contamination Control Screens are also suitable for many other applications, including:

  • Sensitive Equipment rooms
  • Parts storage
  • Tool rooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Wash rooms
  • Aviation
  • High end industry
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical manufacturing

 Our Contamination Control Screens reduce pollutants, divide warehouses or production areas, allow for easy access, provide 100% clear visibility, save time and energy and allow for more productivity overall!

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Flexshield's Contamination Control Screen for Prolife