Find the Best Soundproofing Solutions

Noise control is a very real problem for many Australians. Industrial workers that are forced to work in a noisy environment suffer from excessive noise. These workers not only experience decreased production levels and more distractions at work, but they also experience severe health issues that can be detrimental to their long term health. Excessive noise causes a multitude of problems including Industrial Deafness and Tinnitus. There are many different reasons for soundproofing your workplace in order to make it a more pleasant place to work as well as safer on everyone’s health.

It is especially important to install soundproofing in areas of the workplace that the noise level has been determined to be above the National Standard for Occupational Noise. The common practice is to reduce noise levels to those that are at or below the national standards in order to keep productivity in the workplace up as well as reduce the number of sick days employees have to take due to illness related to hearing loss.

Hearing loss from industrial employment is a very common problem in Australia. The government has stepped in to take control of the situation to ensure that the rates of those experiencing hearing loss as a result of industrial employment do not continue to rise. The government has set maximum rates at which noise levels are acceptable. If the noise levels in your workplace exceed these levels it is imperative to include some type of soundproofing in your workplace to avoid any legal trouble with the government. Those that do not follow the legal requirements and install the proper soundproofing to protect its employees put themselves at risk for legal issues with the government as well as lawsuits by individual employees that are affected.

Types of Sound Proofing
There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to soundproofing your industrial workplace depending on the severity of the noise as well as the size of the area that needs sound proofing.

Acoustic Enclosures– these panels are easily installed in industrial areas and are perfect for many different areas to reduce the noise levels including areas where there are loud industrial machine noises. Acoustic enclosures are very easy to install and include everything you need in the kit. These enclosures can be installed in walls, windows and doors for maximum soundproofing.

Acoustic Curtains – in large areas that require maximum sound proofing acoustic curtains are a good choice since they not only make the area sound proof but they also absorb into the curtain giving you further protection from excessive noise. The main benefit of acoustic curtains is how easy they can be moved or changed should the need arise. Acoustic curtains are not a permanent solution. They can be used for sound proofing in other areas should the need arise and are easily moved if the need arises in your workplace.

Mobile Soundproof Panels – for areas with mild noise problems, mobile acoustic panels are sound proofing for sound proofing that area. These panels can be easily moved from workspace to workspace, making them the perfect choice in areas that the move. The mobile acoustic panels make it easy to find the perfect place to ensure proper sound proofing, by moving around until you experience the least amount of noise possible.

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