Flexshield constructs Australia’s highest noise wall!

Flexshield recently helped to construct what is arguably the highest temporary noise wall in Australia, or possibly the world!!

Rosenlund noise wall 

Rosenlund Contractors were undertaking a project in Brisbane, and were looking to protect others from the extreme noise levels. Flexshield was able to step in and assist Rosenlund, by providing an 18m high x 36m long temporary Acoustic Wall for the company to use throughout the construction process. These curtains were fixed to the scaffolding on the site to create a noise wall.

Rosenlund noise wall Rosenlund noise wall

Flexshield’s Temporary Noise Barriers (Sonic Curtains) provide maximum noise reduction by incorporating both sound block and sound absorption technologies in the one flexible soundproof curtain panel.

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Sonic Curtains are used to provide temporary noise reduction for industrial and construction/demolition works, and are ideal for:

  • Construction / Demolition works noise
  • Earth and Road works noise
  • Machinery noise – compressors, saws drills, generators etc.
  • Sound control for refurbishments on occupied buildings


Temporary Noise Barriers are quick and simple to install and are ideal for both short and long term applications. These curtains are able to be hung from temporary site fencing and scaffolding and are fire and weather proof.

Rosenlund noise wall

 For more information on our temporary noise walls, or to request a quote, please call AU 1300 799 969 or NZ 0800 002663 to speak to one of our team members, or complete the simple form on our Contact Us page.