Sonic Mobile Panels for Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto Copper & Coal recently approached Flexshield for a solution to a noise challenge they were experiencing at Hunter Valley Operations.

A number of noisy activities are completed at the site and in line with our eBook: "The 3 Biggest Workplace Noise Mistakes and How to Fix Them", the company wanted to put something in place for the safety and comfort of the staff.


Flexshield manufactured 3 Sonic Mobile Panels to meet Rio Tinto's requirements. The panels were 2100mm H x 1835mm W and were made of Sonic System Panels interlocked and capped.

Rio Tinto found the Sonic Mobile Panels very effective in reducing the noise exposure and said they made a great addition to their safety equipment. One representative from the company commented,

"The sound panels have been a great addition to our safety equipment used at Hunter Valley Operations. Using them predominantly for air arc gouging sound suppression, they have been fantastic in reducing the noise exposure to those working in the immediate area. We have also been making use of them for welding screens and sound panels when performing talks with excessively loud air tooling. Wile we have not performed before and after testing, the noise levels within 5m of the job have reduced significantly, to the point that you can hold a conversation whilst air arc gouging is taking place behind the screens. Download the 3 Noise Mistakes Ebook

The only downside is that they aren't suitable for work above 2m above the ground. Meaning the the majority of gouging on the loaders are sill exposing employees to excessive noise in the surrounding area. However, when the work is at ground level like the pictures, the results are fantastic."


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