Automated Welding Bay Screens for Marand Precision Engineering

Marand, leading global supplier of precision engineered solutions, recently required new welding bay screens, and contacted Flexshield to assist.

Flexshield tailor-designed and manufactured fully automated sliding Weldflex Welding Bay Screens to meet Marand's exact requirements.

Flexshield Welding Bay Screens

The four Welding Bay Screens manufactured were of varying sizes. One screen was 6m H x 6.83m incorporating a full height 1m W Weldflex™ Strip Curtain for personnel access and a full height 5.530m W Sheet Curtain. The other three screens were 6m H x 7.14m W, also incorporating a Strip Curtain for personnel access and a fully automated Sheet Curtain. The Weldflex™ Sheet Curtains were a push button automation, for opening and closure.

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Flexshield's Weldflex™ Welding Bay Screens are ideal for any application where a shield is required to protect both the welder and bystanders from harmful radiation during welding work - engineering, workshops, mines, manufacturing and TTCs to name a few.

Weldflex™ conforms to AS/NZS 3957:2014 regarding light transmitting screens and curtains for all welding operations. The Weldflex™ Welding Bay Screens are made from extremely durable 2mm thick material, are perfect for heavy use, and can withstand a long period of concentrated sparks and splatter. Weldflex™ is approximately 6 times thicker than traditional screens and will last for 10 years!

Welding Bay Screens can be installed in a frame, as a fixed curtain, or as a sliding curtain. They are also available in strips, or as a sheet. Flexshield will tailor make each curtain to suit your exact requirements!

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